Christian McKinney is a marketer and entrepreneur based in Albany, Georgia.

In addition to owning and running Boot Digital, a digital marketing agency, Christian is the founder of 229 Life, a South Georgia community hub dedicated to bringing people and businesses together.

Christian is a member of his current home church, Sherwood Baptist, where he attends local Bible study classes, participates in recreational team sports like kickball, and volunteers time to support local outreach ministries.

Outside of work and church, Christian can be found buying and selling items on eBay, slowly learning and digging into the stock market, and traveling as often and as far as he can.

He is also continually looking for what captures people’s attention, whether in apps, podcasts, or other kinds of content.

Christian is the former Digital Marketing Manager of WALB, the NBC and ABC television affiliate in Albany, Georgia.

At WALB, he managed digital and broadcast marketing efforts and strategy while also operating and managing the station’s regional lifestyle brand.

Christian has been producing multi-platform content for over a decade, including daily newscasts, live interviews, branded content, cooking segments, and viral videos.

His “hands-free” safety video in collaboration with a Georgia auto dealer was an instant hit, garnering widespread (comical) attention to the facts and specifics of a new state law.

Christian is an Apple product fanatic and an Adobe Creative Suite practitioner. Over the years he has used that mix of hardware and software to further himself as a marketer and content creator.

Christian resides in Albany, GA, which was directly hit by Hurricane Michael in October 2018. It officially made landfall as a category 5 and swept through Albany as a category 2 storm.

He believes in “The Good Life City” and supports the efforts of local leaders to rebuild and repair what was lost.


In 2017 Christian launched Boot Digital, a marketing agency built for the online and social demands of right now. The business focuses on modern website design, advanced social media strategy, SEO, and small business e-commerce solutions.

Christian built Boot Digital to combat the desert of true digital marketing solutions in South Georgia and North Florida. As such, the agency works in 8 key areas: Consulting, Websites, Creative, Chat Services, E-commerce, Social Integrations, Connected Voice, and Custom Solutions.

229 LIFE

In 2019, Christian founded 229 Life, a full-service community hub dedicated to connecting businesses and people.

229 Life was born local and built local in order to connect with people in meaningful ways. The 229 Life site operates to uphold and build upon several core platforms: local listings for South Georgia businesses, a community calendar for people who live in the 229, localized content that explores and celebrates everything South Georgia, and more.

If you would like more information on how to connect with 229 Life, send an email to