Christian McKinney wants you to communicate more.

Christian McKinney wants you to communicate more.

Christian McKinney wants you to communicate more.

Christian McKinney is a marketer and entrepreneur based in Albany, Georgia. He is the owner of Boot Digital, a digital marketing agency and the founder of 229 Life, a South Georgia community hub dedicated to bringing people and businesses together.

Christian comes from a background of television news, and has a track record of digital content and marketing wins through practical communication.

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Christian McKinney

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I went to Target in an early experience shopping during COVID-19. It was awful.

High Suspicion: Shopping During The COVID-19 Outbreak

I went to Target. And it was awful. I can’t believe I just said that. This was my early experience shopping during COVID-19.

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Making friends that believe in you, by Christian McKinney.

Making Friends That Believe In You

If you’re an introvert like me, the very beginning is the hardest part. But if you can get through the potential and process, the results will come. These are my thoughts on this topic.

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This is important: Produce content for the platform it lives on.

News Friends: Produce Content For The Platform

If you’re not in the game, let this be a wakeup call: Mobile internet is here to stay. Produce content for the platform. Check out this list of action items you can do today to improve your content.

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Thoughts on having a website with my name from Christian McKinney

Thoughts On Having A Website With My Name

It’s something to consider. Should you have a website? In this post I talk about things to consider and dive further into what managing my website has taught me over the years.

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Christian McKinney has a new look online at


My name is Christian McKinney. I built the first version of this website back in 2014. Things slowly fell apart from there. Five years later I’m much wiser and restoring this site from the ground up, like a classic car. And I’m going to drive the heck out of it 😎.

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